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The Habitat Connection

The HABITAT CONNECTION is a quarterly publication of the Habitat for Humanity state wide office. The publication shares news and information regarding the 16 local Habitat affiliates in West Virginia in an effort to bring awareness to the great need for safe, decent, and affordable housing. In addition the publication illustrates the work being done by Habitat in communities throughout West Virginia; that without volunteer and financial support could not have been successfully completed.

October 6th 9am to 3 pm

World Habitat Day is not a day established by Habitat for Humanity International. In 1986 the United Nations established “World Habitat Day” as a time to reflect on the housing conditions across the world. It is estimated that over 30% of the world population lives in poor inadequate housing. These conditions lend to poor health, poor education, and broken families.

As world leaders continue to pour money into these areas in order to react to the results of inadequate housing, the United Nations Agency for Human Settlements has a goal to promote sustainable towns and cities that provide adequate shelter for all.

Habitat for Humanity International, Habitat for Humanity of West Virginia, and representatives of West Virginia Affiliates will come together for the first annual Capital Build on World Habitat Day 2014.

With the sponsorship of Appalachian Power Company and many volunteers, the walls for a new Habitat home will rise up over the grounds of the Capital on October 6th from 9am to 3pm.

All are invited to leave their impression on this home as we remember folks that are still living in a place with no running water, poor sewage treatment, leaking roofs, or no relief from the hot or cold.

There will be many opportunities to show your support and make a difference. Please join us on the West Virginia State Capitol grounds on October 6th.

Contact Lynn Corrie today for more information

Habitat for Humanity - Where Does the Money Go?

Habitat for Humanity of West Virginia and the West Virginia Affiliates greatly depend on volunteers and gifts in kind in addition to financial support. 80 cents of every $1 goes into the Habitat building program. In many cases, even the paid staff donates money from their personal funds.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY is making a difference here in West Virginia where over 700 homes have been built with 700+ families who have been lent a "Hand Up." But what some may not know is that through the Habitat Tithe program Habitat affiliates are helping build a WORLD where everyone has a decent place to live.

As an ecumenical Christian ministry with biblical roots, tithing began at a home dedication in Zaire in 1979. Our founder, Millard Fuller, received the first $200 tithe, which he used to help launch a new Habitat affiliate in Aguacatan, Guatemala. From that one donation, the entire Habitat tithe program started.

In West Virginia, from Huntington Area to the Eastern Panhandle, from Wheeling to Pendleton County, and all throughout the State, Habitat affiliates help build globally through the tithe program. Recently, Wood County Habitat for Humanity was recognized as celebrating the 100th Habitat home built overseas due to their tithing. Wood County Habitat is an excellent model of how building locally supports worldwide building.

Habitat for Humanity of West Virginia shares in recognizing Wood County’s efforts. We know many of the other affiliates in West Virginia also are part of the Tithing program and have reached similar milestones; thank you for demonstrating your commitment to the goal of providing safe and adequate housing for all people!

WV RAVE Named 1 of the Best Events in West Virginia

ON JUNE 7TH the weather was perfect as 70 cyclists lined up at the starting line for the 6th Annual WV RAVE Bike Tour at Camp Caesar in Cowen, WV. This was the largest number of cyclists registered since the event was founded and organized by Nicholas Webster Habitat for Humanity in 2009. Habitat for Humanity of WV adopted the WV Rave in 2014 and will continue to hold the event in the community where it began. The success of the WV Rave is largely due to the volunteers and the community that come together each year to make it one of the best road bike tours in West Virginia.

A couple of weeks after the event The State Journal recognized the event in an article of "55 Great Things in West Virginia."

We extend a gracious thank you for your time and support to the 2014 WV RAVE and your contribution to Habitat for Humanity in West Virginia. All riders were amazing and we could not have done it without the countless hours given by our volunteers. Your time and contribution made this year’s bike tour another successful event. THANK YOU!

June 6th of 2015 we will do it again. Please mark your calendars and tell your friends.

Did You Know this about Habitat for Humanity?

  • Habitat for Humanity is ranked as the 10th largest private homebuilder in the United States!
  • The first Habitat for Humanity affiliate in WV was formed in 1987 in Preston County.
  • There are currently 15 Habitat affiliates located throughout WV.
  • Habitat for Humanity Affiliates have built over 700 Habitat homes and reconditioned nearly 100 homes in WV.
  • Habitat for Humanity of WV Affiliates were of the 1st to build “ENERGY STAR” certified homes in WV.
  • Habitat for Humanity holds a mortgage on each Habitat home. As that home is paid down, the money is reinvested into another Habitat home. The long term result is that your donation keeps working for years to come and touches many lives along the way.

Affiliate News

Click on the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate in your community to learn more.

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